Welcome To MySignManager

Note: To manage existing display configurations please click on the ‘Manage Displays‘ button at the top right of the screen.

We aim to make the electronic delivery of your message as painless and cost effective as possible. Using our digital display software and infrastructure you will be able to turn any TV or suitable Android device into an easy to use digital advertising device.

Using our software, you can manage and display all your content:

  • Images
  • Video content
  • Presentations (as videos)
  • Web pages

Our terminal configuration is also flexible allowing you to display other HTML5 content either overlayed on the digital media or around it.  We can customize the display to meet your needs.

You can organize your media into playlists and assign playlists to multiple displays.  You can use our scheduling and tagging mechanisms to control when and where media is displayed with ease.  With our software, centralized media management is a breeze even for thousands of displays.

With our Professional service level we will also notify you if your displays are not accessible.  This allows you to see the status of your displays in one place.

With our Enterprise service level we add tracking reports so that you can see what content was displayed and where it was displayed.

If you want to resell our services under your own brand we can provide a customized portal branded to your specifications.

Digital displays could not be easier.  Please Contact Us for more information or Register to browse the management portal.